Moving Up/Out

My super cute pamangkin has just graduated Pre-School. Soon though, she will also graduate from living in the Philippines. Isha is now 6 years of age, and she has grown to be an amazing kid – witty, sassy and very smart. She’s the light of our sometimes-gloomy house, as she brightens up the room with her prescence.

She was just awaredes Top Student of her class in March this year, and received numerous awards too! Talk about being smart.   
 Happy that she ended up her schooling here with a high note but I can’t help thinking of the fact that soon, she’ll leave us for a life overseas.

I’ll be alright but I’m worried about how my mom would feel. She has treated her as if she’s her own daughter and the whole house will feel different without her.

Excited as well as to what kind of girl this kid will turn in to! 😊

Well, enough of me being sad about her leaving. I know that my brother and his girlfriend (soon-to-be wife – I can’t wait as well to see them get married!) will take good care of her.

More of her graduation moments.   

 Love you Isha!
tito Paul


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