Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Favorites

Yes! I am now finishing the third part of the Men’s Fashion Week in Europe with this entry. Paris is, indeed, the high spot of every fashion season where the biggest players in the industry display their artistry. Designers, celebrities and everyone who is involved in the fashion industry gather around the city to check out the clothes for the following season.

We have already seen trends emerging from previous fashion weeks (London and Milan) and I am curious as to what trends the city of lights has to offer. To be true, it has been a chore completing reviews about Paris fashion weeks – I think the overwhelming high level of artistry displayed in the shows is a challenge and it’s hard to break them down into a number of favorite collections.

Here are the collections that I liked from the PFW Menswear:


Hermes has always been that expensive label for me – from bags to footwear to apparel. Veronique Nichianan brought luxury to everyday wear which is something I look forward to in fashion. The Hermes man for spring and summer next year will take it easy (as always), with effortless fun style.

The Hermes styles of cream, white and beige has always been a staple in their looks, but this time, prints bring life to the clothes. There are lines, prints and dots to wear out the monotony. Aside from the light, ethereal colors, they also used mustard, limestone and eucalyptus. Textures and materials are strong in this collection and clothes were made in cashmere, cotton and lambskin.

I love Jester White in the black ensemble – with sheer elements, bringing lightness to darker clothes. The sandals are also a knockout. Below are other Hermes favorites:






Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s menswear designer Kim Jones looked into India for some inspiration for the new collection. The influence is apparent as the color palette became dominantly brown and other rich colors. The clothes in the collection were also touched on Aviation styled clothes – clearly meant for the jet-setter.

In the collection we see a play with the letters “L” and “V” as prints on some of the pieces, and geometric prints on others. The white sneaker trend is here and so is the active-wear-and-tailoring trend we witnessed all throughout London and Milan fashion shows. The show has also touched on the jumpsuit trend. I am especially liking the high waist on the pants and the relaxed sleeves of the shirts – just makes the collection more dynamic.

My favorite look dons the LV suit with a white turtleneck as its undershirt, paired with white sneakers and a leather luggage – some retro fabulous-ness. Here are other awesome Louis Vuitton looks:







Pierpaolo Piccioli, and Maria Grazia Chiuri has been my favorite creative directors for Valentino since they have done great things for the fashion house. The Spring/Summer collection for 2015 is no exemption. Fantasy and function is what I like about this label. All the couture and RTW collections are awesome and always on point with their theme.

For the menswear collection, they were inspired by the liberal thinkers and artists and the environment. We see prints – something that’s manifested in almost all Valentino collections, may it be for men or for women. There’s this movement gearing towards freedom of expression and Valentino made its brand by doing intricate fabrics. You’ll see intricate floral and animal prints in slim and relaxed silhouettes. I adore those almost-pajama like pants and button downs – in line with the relaxed silhouette trend.

True to the Valentino roots, tailoring is impeccable. The colors of the earth are joined by saturated blue and green and maroon. Leather has also been utilized for spring looks and of course, denim. Seen those cute imprints of quirkiness? They look like artistic faces reminding of the art in fashion.

My favorite look features a printed coat in layered on top of a maroon leather top with matching pants. The bag is also cute – compliments the whole look, and the sandals being a summer staple, is kind of expected. Valentino served it this time, just look at the looks below:








Think of Rockstar fashionistas. Lanvin equates to impeccable style and well-made clothes. Everything about the brand is stylish and modern.

The direction of the Lanvin man has always been consistently modern – something that suits men today. Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver mans Lanvin’s menswear division and always does an amazing job. This season is no different when it comes to style, where slim cut trousers, slim ties and slim fitting shirts are the show. The show almost made me want to stop eating anything LOL. There were also loose coats and wide trousers for those who prefer relaxed silhouettes. We can see lot’s of silk and special fabrics used for the show’s clothes. Accessories were lovely – belts were a statement, as well as the hint of jewelry found on the models, while shoulder and messenger bags are a must-have.

Being a very stylish show, all the looks are to watch out for. Gryphon O’Shea’s look is a stand out – slim cut suit, awesome boots, and that eye-catching slim red tie. Other looks to check out are as follows:






Dries Van Noten

I love how designers are inspired by anything to do fashion. Clothes can be influenced by anyone or anything and that makes it complex and ever-changing.

The Dries Van Noten show was a dream. Being inspired by the male dancer is awesome and is very evident in the pieces. The runway completed the experience and looked like the models are rehearsing for a dance production or something. Clothes for the spring/summer collection portrays a more delicate side of the composite Dries Van Notes man.

All the clothes in this collection are heavenly and soft, fluid and beautiful but still masculine. We pick up a lot of body conscious garments in this collection. Then in that respect are these beautifully made pieces that drape on the models bodies. I like the soft outerwear – robes, coats, jackets, and the tops which are soft shirts with low necklines to impose an easy mood. Any Dries Van Noten collection is not absent with prints. That’s like his moment. I like how dots, lines, stripes, numbers and letters are all in this collection to signify dynamic visual appeal. Best part of the collection, aside from the coats and easy jackets, are the shoes – reminiscent of the ballet shoe with matching tie-up laces for a legitimate dance-inspired collection, and bags that are oh so awesome.

I love Yannick Abrath’s look! He sort of looks like a dancer to me and perfectly pulls off this look. The jacket is to die for and that top is so cute. Relaxed has never looked so stylish. Scroll down to view the rest of the amazing looks from this collection.









(Photos from – source 1 2 3 4 5)


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