Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Favorites

For the men’s Fashion season we always see trends emerging and being established by several designers and fashion houses. For the last fashion week post I did (London Collections Men and Pitti Uomo), there are a couple of trends like denim wear dominance, sports wear with tailoring and the inevitably stylish slim silhouettes.

Milan is one of my favorite cities when it comes to presenting new collections. Being home to Gucci, Prada, Cavalli and other major fashion houses, I don’t see how you could go wrong with any show in Milan. So here are those shows that tickle my fancy.

Les Homme

Les Homme is almost always serious which not a bad thing. I like to look mature and polished at times, and for the new season, they did it with a jolt of fun. The color palette they used for next year’s spring/summer comprises of deep blues, blacks and hints of luxe with silver and metallic accents. I like how they played with the jumpsuit trend. I never considered a jumpsuit can be worn by a man in a work environment, but Les Homme may have changed just that. The fabrics used were also excellent – with leather being utilized for summer pieces, and metallic on some key looks.

I love German model Olli Greb’s look – the leather details with the yellow is refreshing on that jacket. I also like how the metallic shirt underneath is peeking out. We also see graphic lines on jackets and what-looks-like-to-be patchwork on some pieces. Below are the other looks I like from the Les Homme show.






This collection was called a “Rebirth of Nature.” For the upcoming season, they mixed sporty with easy relaxed clothes – something that always worked for Iceberg. The looks are reminiscent of 90’s street style but with active and soft fabrics that elevates movement. All the pieces are wearable, and is something that you will see me everyday in. I also noticed the strong styling – layering is something we should do in moderation especially for spring collections due to relative weather conditions, but Iceberg did it flawlessly.

The first look I showed features a soft fabric shirt layered with a long sleeved shirt underneath which is rolled up – plus points for the styling. The pants are super sporty and has those adjustment things for various pant lenghts. The color palette for this show is earthy and had prints to accent the wearable pieces. Here are other looks that I liked.





N21 (Numero Ventuno)

This is my favorite collection from Milan Fashion Week. Numero Ventuno is headed by designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua. This is his menswear runway debut. Inspired by the skater, the collection infuses tropical prints, graphic shirts and striped knits. I have this thing for easy but definitely stylish clothes. Numero Ventuno fulfills my style cravings by featuring clothes that I would want to wear everyday on any weather.

Layers, patterns and prints are sooooooo pretty in this collections – you can see the patterns on some of those almost-see through button downs. I also have to note that the shoes are pretty – slip-ons in various colors and textures. My favorite are those metallic ones. Checks and gingham are big on this collection too and has been utilized on pants and shorts. Dell’Acqua also touched on the denim trend with a complete top-bottom look. The sweaters and t-shirts that have the brand’s logo is a definite must-have. Jin Dachuan’s look is just so cute. The chinese model wears layers of easy clothes (including the logo shirt) and baggy shorts with the white slip ons. C for chic and “cstylish.” Haha! Other favored looks are as follows:






The shows for spring next year are amazing and I had to share other looks I like from other collections.




Neil Barrett



There you have it! Haha! Was able to share my favorite Milan Fashion Week collections. Next up is Paris!

(All photo credits go to | 1 2 3 4 5)


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