New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2014 Favorites

My blog is very random – it can be about anything between food, my personal life, or even about my love for Fashion and models. This one is for the on going (women’s) fashion weeks in the in the four major fashion capitals in the world which are New York, London, Milan and Paris. New York fashion week this February marked the transition from men’s to women’s runway shows.

I still remember the first fashion shows I have witnessed here in our country. It was for the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 which was held at the SMX Convention Center in May of that year. Receiving an invite from local designers, to see their latest collections, and the chance to place your orders early is actually a flattering thing.

Being in fashion week here in the Philippines is not about fashion really, but more of style and how you present yourself. I wore a 101 New York Blazer, cotton pants from Bench and Ferragamo shoes with my DKNY tote.

(*photographed with Jessica Yang – an amazing model working here in the Philippines)
Another thing that I loved about fashion weeks is that we get to meet the industry’s finest editors, models and personalities. Here are some of my favorite moments from that first first fashion week.

(With Sam Gomez, one of the best young models we have here)

(With Pauline Juan, editor of Preview Magazine, one of the best editors we have locally. Her presence is so humbling and she was nice enough to stop and pose with me with in this photo)

Going back to NYFW for Fall 2014, I am excited to start this series since I need to choose which show and collection I though brought something new to the industry. This is also a pledge to fashion weeks that will happen twice every year. I am embracing my inner fashion fan with the next posts that I will make. Here are may favorite collections for NYFW Fall 2014. (Photos taken from and

Hugo Boss

This is Jason Wu’s first attempt into creating something that is not entirely his. Knowing about Jason’s flare for feminine and delicate details, it was interesting for me to witness the marriage of tailoring, something Hugo Boss is known for, and feminine subtlety Jason is very known for. The result was a strong and feminine woman who is not afraid of masculine silhouettes. I especially love the details on Julia Nobis’ dress – it felt like water was running through the construction of dress. (Source)



Marc by Marc Jacobs

The first look was a punch in the face. British designers Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier took something from the UK and spun into this all-American brand. Spunky, dangerous and very sporty, the new Marc by Marc Jacobs collections is everything I imagined from a bad-ass, unapologetic modern young girl who simply doesn’t care, but herself and her love for fun and beautifully made clothing. The evening wear portion was also a dream, specifically, Nastya’s look. Here are other lovely looks from this inspiring collection. (Source)



Prabal Gurung

Probably the best, if not, one of the best shows in this season’s fashion week in New York. There is something spiritual and personal about the collection Prabal presented. The colors were rich, the layers flowed and the textures were outstanding. He mentioned from an interview for that his influence for this collection was the serenity of a Himalayan retreat. Pashminas, cashmeres, draping, colors and textures of red and saffron were all present in this collection. Katlin Aas has one of those stand out looks, where in layers of red and saffron textures were worn. Amazing. A very memorable collection. Here are other key looks. (Source)



Alexander Wang

New York fashion week’s wonder boy has done it again. From his last collection, wherein he encourages parental guidance in moody sporty looks, and his homage to Balenciaga in Paris last year, now this – a military-inspired, functional, detailed and cold collection. It was a story. Clothes were speaking for themselves and the styling made sense to it all. There some coats and other outerwear that were unforgettable, like those gray sweaters, overalls with pockets, patent high boots, finned shoes and super detailed bags. The work he has put into this collection is just beyond his age. Alexander also did a lot of things to heat sensitive fabrics to make them wearable and relevant for fall and he also played with a couple of colors to break the monotony. I cannot wait for his Paris outing since he will again show his other side with Balenciaga. Here are other key looks from the show. (Source)



New York Fashion Week is just the beginning and hopes are high for the forthcoming weeks in London, Milan and Paris

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