Valentine is a Saint

Every year I am single on Valentines Day and I’m almost not yet complaining.

This year’s was different from the previous ones since my dates were my friends. Last year, I spent Valentines Day with my über crush Ralph, a dancer from Lubao, Pampanga, wherein we had a very typical but very special date – dinner and booze and lots of talking.

Recently, I paid him a visit since I missed him so much. As always, I had fun spending time with him and some of his friends. Again, dinner and booze. Since a weekend’s worth of stay in Lubao is not enough, we also made plans to do another Valentines date this year. That did not work well – his girlfriend asked him out the last minute so we had to cancel ours. Well that also failed since they did not go out after all.

On Valentines day itself, Ralph called me and told me that we could have proceeded with ours instead. It was not a big deal since we can always se each other whenever we are not busy.

Also on Valentines week this year is my dad’s 60th birthday. The start of the year is not that good for the family but we still make up for it. We had a small get together where my mom cooked. I also bought a cake – classic ube from Cake2Go – which was awesome!

Then came Valentines Day! For the most part, since it was Friday, I had to go to work first – until 430 in the afternoon. Went home. Played Starmaker on my iPad. Ate dinner and went out again to eat dinner (again) with friends.

We reserved a table at Roberta Flavors of Asia, thats located in Maginhawa street in UP Village Quezon City.

Arrived there first at around 9pm. The place was cute, and very homey. Reminded me of small restaurants in Baguio where the place is as cozy and warm as the food. Once seated I asked for water and checked out the menu. They served me with water infused with Pandan, which was a surprise. It actually tasted good and did not distract. Waited for a couple of minutes until my friends, Mao and Sid arrived.

We ordered a couple of dishes and an appetizer trio – stuffed jalapeños, fried tawilis and pickled veggies. We had a spicy beef broccoli dish, Tinolang Manok (chicken) sa Pakwan (watermelon) and Char Kwah Teow which was a spicy seafood rice noodle dish as our main fare.

Food was definitely Asian and the flavors were exciting! Serving size was awesome – we had more than what we can actually consume, and the prices are affordable. This place is your go-to Asian goodness restaurant. You can check them out at for other reviews about the place.

After dinner, I went from Quezon City to almost Manila, the end of E. Rodriguez, where Joe, TJ, Jed, Paolo, Ju and I downed booze at Tides. Joe had to take a break from watching over her sick lola and joined us enjoy the rest of the night. Well the place is the typical college to yuppie hang out place of you want to get drunk, laugh and be crazy.

I had fun with the people I was with and had forgotten that it did matter that you are single during Valentines. And yes, none of us was complaining. It was a good form of escape from the social pressures of being exclusively with someone on the dreaded single awareness day. Valentines Day over. Life goes on.


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