Food | Fight

Made someone upset. Ate good pastry. Will travel to Pampanga.

That was a weird week. Oh well. Anyway I would just like to share that the place that I work in has changed names effective as of today. So nothing major there. What’s major is that I made someone cry in the office.

I had been friends with the whole team – I thought I was. I always joke around without precaution and never thought someone will be offended – the person that I am talking about is always game with my jokes and has always argued her point of views with mine. I just do not know why she snapped and broke down. Her hate was translated to an email which poured all her negative observations about me. I was not able to check the letter out and I thought I did not have to since I was not that sorry. I said what I meant and I meant what I said. Oh well, there falls another leaf from the friendship tree.

That ended with me changing seats. Its just sad that that ended with that. Next topic.

So, this week I was able to try the Lucca Bakery at the UP Town Centre located in Katipunan. Lucca has a wide array of breads and hot/cold beverages.



I tried a warm cup of Chai Tea Latte – flavorful and and very aromatic. Just what I needed for a relaxing afternoon…

…and a Banana Walnut Cinnamon which is sweet and fresh.

I also took home a Cheese Bread loaf for my mom – she is crazy about good breads.

The bread quality is at par with BreadTalk, which is my favorite bread place. Leaving a good impression, I will come back for more tasty and yummy bread and will try other hot drinks.

We went home around 7pm. I was greeted with an SMS by Chad. This is the Chad that I went jogging with last week. He was so sweet to send me a how-are-you-i-didnt-see-you-today message. So there, kilig.

Jogging has always been something that I wanted to do on a regular basis since I have been trying to lose weight. Chad is a thinspiration. He has been running for years now and maintained a very lean physique, thanks to his food choices and active lifestyle.

I would like to know Chad more, and running will be our common ground. That day, when we went out to run, we also had fruits shakes and dinner together. I had fun. Escaped this weird world even for just 3 hours.

I wonder what’s in store for me this week, but I’ll start it with Ralph in Pampanga. I’ll be there tonight and will celebrate. Cheers to life!


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