Home up in the Clouds

I have been there and back a hundred times, but Baguio City still remains as my other home town.

Baguio is a city north of Manila and was my home during my teenage days – 7 years in college oh yeah! The 6-7 hour bus ride is nothing for me, since the trips that I take are usually at night, and I end up waking up in Baguio’s cold embrace around 5 or 6, depends on what time I board.

The last time I was in Baguio, with Zoren, I wasn’t able to do much – ate, slept and stayed in bed with him pretty much the whole weekend that we were there. But recently, just this January 17th until the 19th, I went back, fresh from a break-up and wanting to keep my mind out of things – escape. It was Fer, Jinee and I this time.

Well, it was as unplanned as it gets, for my friends. I was in Baguio for a hosting gig, and easily friends accompanied me to enjoy the cold weather and the whats-there-to-discover. Late last year, sometime in December, my dance organization from the University of the Philippines Baguio (first taste of college) Danceworks asked me to host their annual project called Dance Wars – a dance competition for high school students. It was a pleasure and an honor being invited as the host, and doing it for the group and the kids, was beyond words. It reminded me of my love for dancing and doing it with people who also love the same thing that I do makes it better!

While that part is done, the other part is to enjoy the city with friends. I asked Peter and Gilly to join us for lunch at Canto in the Ketchup Food Community where foodies celebrate good food in Baguio. Gilly was the one responsible for the accommodations – the South Terminal Inn in Gov. Pack road.

The food community is a recently established space meant for locals and guests from other areas to enjoy the fare! Canto serves affordable ribs joined by a salad serving and with either rice or mashed potatoes. Guess what I had.

Priced at 190php is the half slab of ribs. I also tried some cheese fries and nachos drowned by ground beef and cheese! Happy food indeed!

The day was long. After lunch and the hosting gig, I went with Jinee and Fer to check the second hand shops in the city. It was fun seeing them problem over good finds, and I have to say, they know what to get and how to get them cheap. They were able to score a leather backpack with houndstooth detail, a Paul Frank leather bag, a pair of Sebagos and Air Force Ones, all of which are in awesome condition!

By night time when all of us were settled in the inn, we prepped up for a night out. Dinner was with Glino, one of my college friends who is now doing good as a law student at the University of Cordilleras. We dined in at Visco’z in Session road after picking me up at the school campus.

Peter couldnt make it and Gilly went out for coffee, so I asked Jeff and Vincent to come with us. We went to Spade, a bar-club where we drank booze and got buzzed. It was okay. Hahaha! Ive partied in better places.

The next day was departure. We shopped some more, walked through the city, ran into friends…

…had lunch at Sizzling Plate and had early dinner at Casa Vallejo’s Hill Station where the food was worth every penny!

Had this robust sandwich and cheese fries, yet again. Aside from the food at Hill Station, we also enjoyed seeing the Casa’s interiors and checked out the Mt Cloud book store. I found this pretty planner in pink for 250php.

But what got me was the fact that Casa Vallejo is being claimed and may get a revamp due to ownership issues. I signed the petition suggesting that it be considered as a historical site.

Overall that particular weekend was filled with activities. It was busy, busy and worth it. I loved hanging out and revisiting the place I loved about the city. Ill visit soon! Very soon.


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